Design system


  • UI Design
  • Design Systems
  • 2018 - 2020


Front is a communication platform for teams helping customer-facing teams better interact with their customers across a variety of external communication tools


As part of my work on the Core team, I lead the design system.
This project involved creating the foundations of the design system (available across multiple platforms), maintaining it over time, and making improvements based on the feedback from the design team.

Color system

Before this project, the design team didn't have an easy way of sharing styles and components across projects. The team ended up duplicating a lot of design elements, which was causing some visual inconsistencies and increasing the complexity of codebases.

A few icons from the icon library
Dropdown system designed for Front for iOS

While working on the design system often means spending time in Figma to add/remove/update components and patterns, I also wanted to make sure the primary goal (provide an effective tool for designers on the team) remained the main objective.

To do so, I implemented and worked on:

  • A virtual board where designers and engineers can post and vote for design system requests. This helped the design team to identify pain points and gaps encountered during projects
  • Audits of the design system, to identify weaknesses and document possible changes and recommendations for the next iterations
Various conversation cells states
Various messages states
Various comments states
Banner system


The new design system allowed Front's design team to build a variety of consistent and unified features.
It also helped the engineering team to simplify and unify their respective codebases.