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Gear I use

I rely on 3 cameras in order to take most of my photos. Each camera has it's pros and cons but they allow me to capture moments in different conditions.

  • iPhone X

    The iPhone X is by far my most used camera. Image quality is remarkable and the innovative Depth API allows a lot of creativity.

    I use a couple of apps in order to extend it's capabilities: for shooting, I use Halide. For editing, I use Focos and Darkroom.

  • Sony a6000

    Having a large sensor can be really usefull in low light conditions. It also helps during editing, thanks to a better dynamic range.

    My most used lenses are the Sigma 30mm F/1.4 DC DN and the Sigma 16mm F/1.4 DC DN.

  • DJI Mavic Air

    The latest addition to my kit; this drone is a lot of fun to use. Capturing pictures from the sky feels incredible and the software made by DJI makes it a great experience.

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